In 1917, Carrie Chapman Catt made a speech before Congress that focused on the inevitability of woman suffrage.

"Woman suffrage is inevitable. Suffragists knew it before November 4, 1917; Opponents afterward."

The United States is a nation born from revolution. Through history are examples such as rebellion against British rule, taxation without representation, and slavery. Like Carrie Chapman Catt said, "...with such a history behind it, how can our nation escape the logic it has never failed to follow..."

Women were without representation, and the fundamental right of democracy was denied to them. Catt had no doubt that woman suffrage would eventually be established because the United States had previously inspired foreign countries to strive for political liberty and widen the suffrage of men and/or women.

"Is there a single man who can justify such inequality of treatment, such outrageous discrimination? Not one..."

Catt believed that the fight for woman suffrage was a fight between "...forces which deny and those which uphold the truths of the Declaration of Independence..."

No other democratic country in the world denied suffrage so completely. In the United States, 13 black states were without woman suffrage, and in 14 states woman suffrage was more limited than many foreign countries. Women's patience was over strained, and women were driven to desperation. Women wanted o be free to support the political party of their choice!

"Every delay, every trick, every political dishonesty from now on will antagonize the women of the land more and more, and when the party or parties which have so delayed woman suffrage finally let it come, their sincerity will be doubted and their appeal to the new voters will be met with suspicion. This is the psychology of the situation. Can you afford the risk? Think it over."

"Woman suffrage is coming-- you know it. Will you, Honorable Senators and Members of the House of Representatives, help or hinder it?"

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