Court Cases dealing with Racism in Sports

2005-2007. Mauricia Grant, who worked for NASCAR, complained about her work environment because her co-workers were racially harassing her and sexually harassing her. She then complained to NASCAR and was fired for complaining. Grant filed a discrimination lawsuit against NASCAR and won 225 million dollars. Grant experienced major emotional distress. She had depression, anxiety, nightmares, sleep disturbance along with physical injury due to her traumatizing experience.

2002. Cecil Hollins accused the USTA (United States Tennis Association) because he believed they wouldn’t allow him to ump any top matches because of his race. Hollins said that he was the only gold-badged ump in history to not have umped a singles final at the US Open. After he threatened to sue, he was called up to ump a men’s double game but was asked on short notice. Hollins believes that this is not a coincidence but an act of racism that once was publicized, became fixed.



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