Disney is the biggest media and entertainment company in the world and has been making some of the most well known cartoon children movies for decades. This is one of the worst examples of media racism because not only is it racist but it is watched mostly by the young impressionable children that will make up the next generation. Disney does not simply come out and say racist remarks (usually) but uses subliminal messaging to get the point across. Little do parents know that when they sit their child down in front of Aladdin or Peter Pan that they are letting their child's still forming opinions be twisted by a cartoon character. Aside from subliminal messaging Disney also passes racism of as humor and in some movies even romanticizes it. The following is a list of some of the most famous Disney creations and some racist aspects to them.

• The first release of Aladdin was greeted with great criticism because of the opening line in the song "Arabian Nights" that read:external image jafar_parrot.jpg
"Where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face
It's barbaric, but, hey, it's home,"
It was later changed to:
"Where it's flat and immense and the heat is intense
It's barbaric, but, hey, it's home."

• The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) was outraged by the movie
• The protagonists Aladdin and Jasmin appear white while the antagonist Jafar is the only Arab looking character
• Jafar's role didn't help the already numerous portrayals of Arabs as evil and demonic
• Arabs are also usually portrayed as nomads (although less than 10 percent are) and easily bought, violent, kidnappers, and devilish
external image hyenas.jpg
The Lion King
• The evil hyenas speak using inner city ghetto slang with African American and Brazilian
• Hyenas also represent low class Black and Latino ghetto dwellers

The Lady and the Trampexternal image 9236_1213318261621_360_228.jpg
• The Siamese cats portrayed existing Asian stereotypes slanted eyes, buckteeth, cunning, manipulative, and evil (They are named Si
and Am)
• Jolly Italian restaurant owner
• Stupid and submissive Chihuahua portrays Mexican stereotypes (Named Pedro)

The Jungle Bookexternal image monkeys.jpg
• Mowgli finds a group of dumb dancing apes who sing about wanting to be human (Blacks and hip hop/Who said blacks weren't people)
• These apes are the only movie characters that were voiced by Black people and use Ebonics in speech (Ebonics- American Black English classified as its own language)
• Now whenever a child hears a hint of Ebonics (Which will most likely come from a Black person) they will think of mindless dancing apes

Fantasiaexternal image sunflower-the-centaur-from-fantasia.jpg
• The Black centaurs willingly and without question serve the white centaurs and do chores (Remind you of a time
before the Civil War)
• This was later changed to make the film more socially acceptable

Dumboexternal image wheniseeanelephantfly.jpg
• The three black crows speak in incorrect English, smoke, and watch the world go by which enforces Black stereotypes (Ironically the lead
crow's name is Jim- The black Jim Crow)
• In one scene faceless and brawny Black men hammer tent stakes into the ground will singing about how they are mistreated and how they are content as lesser beings

Peter Pan
• According to this movie:external image panracist1.jpg
- Native Americans communicate in grunts and have bright red skin
- The only real race is white and all others need an explanation
- Native Americans are read because once upon a time a white man got so embarrassed from being kissed by a woman that he stayed bright red



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