Gay Rights


There are many stereotypes towards both branches of homosexuality, gay and lesbian. Here are a few of the more common ones:


  • names: faggots/queers
  • caused AIDS
  • everyone has AIDS
  • bad at sports
  • feminine
  • partake in drama clubs


  • names: dykes/queers
  • look like men
  • play softball

A common stereotype that both gay and lesbians share is that they both only like to be in relationships for the sexual benefits. Like this one, many stereotypes can be very hurtful. For most of these stereotypes, there is some truth to it. For instance, some lesbians play softball, but not all, and some gay men have AIDS, but not all.

The media can make people look at things differently or from a different point of view. Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen were gay and were tired of all the stereotyping. They used advertising to promote positive images of gays. They explained or changed stereotypes about LBGT people and created and appealing stereotype. Some of the stereotypes that were common are:
Gays don't deserve attention from straight people
Gays are few in numbers
Gays are easy to spot
Gays because gay because of sin and insanity
Gays are unproductive, untrustworthy members of society
Gays are suicidally unhappy
Marshall and Hunter both believed that a picture is worth more than a 1000 words and so they devoted there life to clearing the name of the LBGT people through the media.


Homosexuality is a very controversial topic when it comes to acceptance among religion. Throughout the years, Buddhists and Quakers are know especially for accepting homosexuals in their community. Catholic and Baptist churches are known for being discriminatory and not accepting them in their church or community. Tradition shows that these religions discourage homosexuals from participating in religious activities. Over the years, people are only becoming more accepting of different people, including homosexuals.

Same Sex Marriage

  • many people are against it
  • controversial among their relgious, social, political etc. beliefs
  • some people are okay with gay marriage but are against them having equal rights
  • tradition changes peoples minds commonly
  • traditionalists- homophobics
  • want to normalize
  • were concerned about parenting styles of homosexuals
  • people think that people who partake in gay marriage should be punished


  • 19 states allow gay couples to adopt children but they make it a very hard and complex process
  • allowed to have similar marriage ceremonies
  • do no get the benefits from being married that heterosexual couples do
  • a few of the larger cities allow people to register as partners


  • June 2000- Boy Scouts are allowed to have gay troop leaders
  • 1993- Army participants can be gay but not show their sexuality

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