Media Portrayal of Ethnic Groups

Whenever you turn on the TV, read a book, glance at a newspaper or listen to the radio you are under the influence of the media. The images and opinions that you see and hear can affect the way you think about people around you. Sometimes these are harmless, but more than often they are harming to minorities– and the majorities opinions.
Stereotypes often originate from the media. Every time the anchor mentions an African American committing a crime or not mentioning a White committing a crime they are strengthening and creating stereotypes. These harm relationships between races that can lead to violence and hate crimes.
While physical hate and violence between races has caused widespread concern and has demanded global support. The subtle stereotypes and negative portrayal of ethnic groups has fueled the same amount of hate. Why this problem has not been addressed is because it often flies under the radar. These stereotypes can be as subtle as showing a African American gangster, or a rich white man. This must change. By eliminating long standing stereotypes through the media and turning bad to good we can strive for equality and racial equity.

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